Welcome to You Garda

You Garda is a exclusive ads portal for the Lake Garda area. It is the brainchild of Masterwebagency.com Gianluca Pantaleo (web marketing agency) with the aim of providing to accommodations a professional tool for advertising on the internet.

You Garda is different from other portals in the industry for features such as: optimization for search engines, compatibility with mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), integration with social networks and the translation of the site in Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish and French.

The categories of ads

  • Hotels

    (hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts, motels, resorts, hostels and more ...)
  • Restaurants

    (restaurants, pizzerias, holiday farms, taverns, bars, ice cream parlors, pubs, more ...)
  • Activities

    (clubs, shops, museums, nightclubs, spa, clubs, beaches, more ...)
  • Real Estate

    (houses, apartments, land, more ...)


Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish and French.

How the site works

USER: has the ability to search for what he is interested in using the search form or browsing categories. He can change the portal language but it is not a must that the "description" field is in his preferred language (it is up to the advertiser to translate the description). Founded the ad he can contact the advertiser.

ADVERTISER: has the opportunity to register on the website and insert his ad. The inclusion will be free and never expires, only a few premium features will cost extra. The advertiser will receive contacts by users.